My Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is about putting people first and caring for the people that depend on them. I believe that all stakeholders should have an opportunity to provide insight into the decisions that impact their lives. Seeking out a broad perspective before I make a decision has always served well those that my decisions have affected. Unfortunately, politicians and subject matter experts rarely have all the answers. Truly effective leaders understand that the best success is grounded in the wisdom of all involved. It is a problem when those without power or authority are left out of the conversation. I have found that inclusion helps to elevate the perspectives of those who do not have a seat at the table. This is how I led, as president, the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, an eleven state initiative focused on achieving more equitable decision making surrounding critical energy use issues. I strongly believe that engagement on complex issues should consider the impact on and by individuals, communities and the historic, cultural or government systems. Some would have you believe that we need to be polarized on issues; someone is right and someone is wrong. I believe that each of our voices is important and that change is most meaningful when we change together. If change is necessary my door is always open for discussion and I will always value and honor your input. Every stakeholder deserves to have a voice.

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